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Volunteer helper in Kvarterhuset's IT café

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  • In august 2016 the helpeers went on an excursion til the island of Hveen in Øresund
Information about being a volunteer helper in the IT café of Kvarterhuset Amagerbro

This text in Danish

Welcome to our group

Welcome as a volunteer helper in the IT café of Kvarterhuset. In this document you'll find information about the IT cafe and some guidelines to being a helper.

What is Kvarterhuset?

Kvarterhuset Amagerbro is owned by the Copenhagen Municipality. It houses a public library and official offices (Borgerservice), as well as a community/culture center, that hosts cultural events such as concerts, children's theatre, presentations, art exhibitions and so on. The house is also landlord to several tennants ranging from various NGO's to small private businesses.

What's the purpose?

Overall, the purpose of the café is learning. You assist users in obtaining skills that will gradually strengthen their routine within IT.

How does it work?

We are approximately 15 volunteer helpers in the IT café. On a specific day, you'll work with 3 or 4 other volunteers.

How often must I work?

As a volunteer helper you assist 2 hours once per week - on your chosen day, which can be a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you're unable to attend please send a notification.

Volunteer meetings

2 or three times per year we hold meetings where you get the chance to meet other volunteers and discuss experiences. You'll be notified by mail when a meeting is coming up.


As a volunteer helper you can participate in cultural events in Kvarterhuset free of charge. You can see the list of events in this page - and if you find an event with an entre fee, that you'd like to attend, please send a mail to Johnny who will make sure yu get access free of charge.

Examples of what we do in the IT café

• Making and using NemID, digital mail and online self-service solutions
• General communcations software (email, Skype, Messenger and so on)
• Basic PC stuff (Creating folders, transfering files from cameras and the like)
• Help creating accounts and using social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter
• Help opdating CV's on jobnet.dk (for unemployed people)
• Help using phones and tablet computers
• Help with language challenges (writing job applications, interpreting letters)
• Assisting in contacting various official offices and companies

A word of caution

Be cautious when you help with things that include online payment. Let the user finalize payments for his or herself. If you feel that you're asked to assist with something that makes you feel unfomfortable, it's quite alright to politely reject. Perhaps another volunteer can help?


As a volunteer helper you have to treat information confidentially and not disclose any information you may learn about somebody.


As a volunteer helper you are not covered by any insurance of the Copenhagen Municipality. It's wise to have your own insurance.

Hardware in the café

The IT cafe has 5 laptop computers and 4 iPads. The PC's have windows 7 and 8 installed. Many users bring their own devices to the café, which is always encouraged.


The cafe has a printer that can be used without charge for smaller printing jobs.

IT in the library

Sundby Bibliotek offers free access to stationary computers with internet, office applications and so on. The library has a photo copier, which can scan documents as well. In the whole building is an open WiFi network free of charge.
WiFi name : Publikum (no password)

Your contact

Johnny is your contact in the library - you may contact him by mail at johnsk@kff.kk.dk or phone at 2046 0027. You will occasionally receive infromation mails as a part of the group of helpers in the IT café.

If you need assistance when you're here

If you need assistance with something pertaining to the building or users of the cafe you can ask for help at the counter in the library. The leader of the library is Kirsten Egebo and can be reached by mail at kiegeb@kff.kk.dk.